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Manufacturing Website

Client: Topsun Industry, HK
Project: Manufacturing Website

Project url:


Website Features:

  • Request a Quote
  • Archive of Manufacturing Materials
    All services' materials are archived and presented in one page.
  • Simplified categorization of services and pages
  • Linking and Displaying of Related Content
    Case studies and blogs can be linked easily with other pages.
  • WebP Images
    Most images are using WebP format for faster load times.
  • SEO Functionalities
    Page descriptions, OG,

Platform: Backdrop CMS
Development time: 3 months


Branding and Logo Design

  • The Icon
    Two hexagons are rotated 45 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise to display dynamism in concepts, with two lines to express the idea of rapid or speed of production services.
  • Font Face
    Monseratt Bold
    Monseratt Italic
  • Colors
    Deep Sapphire, Hex 0c2c6c
    Dark Portland Orange, Hex f14f2e
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